Monday, May 3, 2021

Grady and Mama at the beach

Grady and I took Molly Anne to school on Friday morning then hit the road to the beach for a very quick trip - just one night. I had to take a bunch of stuff (without Mills taking up room), do things around the house (aka clean and change sheets etc) and kind of get my act together down there. Kevin stayed with Molly Anne and they had good daddy daughter time. Believe me, she got to do lots of special things so she wasn’t upset over not getting to go. 

Playing on the beach on Friday afternoon after nap time. 

Sunset from our back deck!

Saturday morning we walked up to 59 Causeway for breakfast. I had brought my stroller so Grady rode in that for the first time in months. He loves going here for breakfast because he gets to pick which donut he wants and we sit out on the back porch and watch boats go by. His fav! On the way home we stopped and played at the playground for awhile then went home to change and headed to the beach.  

This boy could live at the beach! He filled that dump truck up about 18 million times! We played out there for a good two hours! 

Then we went to get the house packed up and we got on the road during nap time so he would sleep for a couple of hours which he did!

We got home in time to go to dinner at Duckworths...and of course had to check out the construction equipment nearby! 

Next up is Grady’s birthday party that we had yesterday! It was a busy weekend!


  1. How fun!! My oldest and I just got home from a quick 72 hour getaway! The one on one time is so special!!

  2. Y’all might be making some new friends on that deck this summer! My boys love to do the same thing and it’s the best. Their coffee is really good too.