Friday, May 7, 2021

Grady is THREE!

It’s really hard to believe but Grady will be 3 on Sunday!!!  He is perfect in every way and we love him so much...duh!

1. He’s 39 pounds, wears size 4 clothes, size 9 shoe and is still wearing diapers mainly because it’s not his turn in class and I’m a second time mom and diapers are way easier ha! He will be potty trained before August when he starts the three’s class. 39.8 pounds 96% , 3’4” (40”) 95%, 87% bmi

2. This boy LOVES tractors beyond belief. His birthday party was all John Deere. He can spot a tractor, dump truck, cement mixer, post office truck or fire truck from a mile away. He’s all boy!

3. He has lots of little sayings. Like saying “what” if he doesn’t know what the name of something is in a book. Or every night when Kevin or I leave his room from telling him goodnight he says, “tell daddy” to me or “tell mama” to Kevin. He knows a lot of country songs, mainly Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean but many others too. He says, “I know” in this cute little voice when he thinks of a new idea.  And he says, “I” if he wants something and if someone else wants it he says louder, “no I, I.” Then I say we both can have it and he will say, “us!” It’s hard to explain but is cute. 

4. He could live outside whether it’s on a playground, our driveway scooting, the backyard swinging or on the beach. He was born to be outside. 

5. Yep the picture above is his “D.” D and his “tracta blankie” that my parents gave him when he was born are his most prized possessions. D actually was a litttle stuffed animal that we had for Molly Anne when she was born but she never played with it. When Grady was born he didn’t really have his own stuffed animals so I raided her stash one random day and thought he may like a little puppy. Well that was an understatement because he loves that D of his!

6. He loves Mills. They are as tight as can be. They talk to each other and Mills gets one of his animals every morning to bug him. He doesn’t do anything with it, just brings it downstairs to Grady. 

7. He idolizes Molly Anne something fierce. Those two have a special relationship and I hope it stays that way forever. He lets her do whatever and she lets him do whatever. 

8. He eats pretty much anything except raspberries. He’s not a huge broccoli or peas fan yet but he will always have a few pieces to appease his mama! 

9. He sleeps from 7pm to 7am like clockwork. Naps from 12-2 at school and on the weekends he will nap from 12-3. We moved him to a big boy bed back in January and he has been so good with all of that. He stays in his room and in his bed until I go in there in the morning. Occasionally he will have gotten out to grab a monster truck and bring it back to bed but in general he knows what to do. Mamas and daddys open doors - all doors - inside and outside (most of the time of course). AKA I don’t want him roaming the house at 2am or leaving our house at any time of day. 

10.  He’s still working on the top and bottom right side two years molars. He’s been drooling a lot and randomly cries in the middle of the night then falls back to sleep. Motrin def helps with that when needed.

He has the absolute sweetest heart and is so caring. He’s very much all boy but has a tender spot for all of the ladies in his life! Happy three to our Grady buddy buddy boy! 

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