Monday, May 24, 2021

Weekend at Home

We didn’t do a ton this weekend but it felt busy. Friday night we played out back while grilling and after bedtimes I went over to my friend Stacey’s house to hang by their pool with some friends. 

We spent ALL day (6.5 hours) at the pool on Saturday. Kevin and Molly Anne stayed while I took Grady home for his nap then he and I went back for another couple of hours. We ended up ordering Mexican from DoorDash for dinner. 

A golf cart ride around the hood after the kids were in bed turned into hanging on Margot’s back porch!

Sunday morning visit to Cabelas. Highlight of my kids life. Not kidding. They LOVED it. Kevin went to get a bunch of fishing stuff for the beach. And Molly Anne got a My Little Pony fishing rod. It's so funny - she used to love My Little Pony a couple of years ago then got out of it and now she likes it again. 

Weekly fruits and veggies from Wal-Mart. Strawberries were terrible but everything else was good. 

More pool time. Grady napped for 3.5 hours then Kevin took him to Sams to get some stuff. 

We grilled a pork tenderloin and had that, asparagus and fruit for dinner. Yum. 

Have a great week!

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  1. Love the fruit/ veggie prep idea! How do you store it for the week?