Friday, May 14, 2021

Five on Friday

Winding down on packing lunches. Molly Anne got to have lunch from the cafeteria last Friday for the first time ever and she was so excited. I must admit, it was nice to not pack a lunch! Here is one of her lunches this week - cracker cut cheese, pepperoni and salami, triscuits, carrots/everything hummus and yogurt covered craisins which she informed me she doesn't like!

I got these salami at the Teeter last week and they're really good. It just says "Private Selection" as the brand?!

@city.stems posts the most pretty arrangements, plants and flowers on her instagram. Here is a little inspiration for a piece for our outdoor coffee table. 

In Charlotte this week, we've had a major gas shortage. I had gotten some on Tuesday morning because I only had 50 miles left but I know a lot of people have been in a jam. I think all will be back to normal today or tomorrow. 

Grady and another friend at school share the same birthday so they had this little sign outside of the classroom door on Monday! 

Wear your favorite team day was at Molly Anne's school yesterday and of course she picked NC State!!! Go Pack! She told us on Wednesday night that she was going to marry her friend from after-school because he was very cute. Well that little friend happens to be the principal's son. HA!

Yall have a nice weekend!

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  1. The gas thing has been so annoying. I've been fine b/c I filled up over last weekend, but the PANIC buying is out of control. AND, my office is next door to a gas station, and the line has been clogging up traffic - and i've had to WAIT in the line in order to get to my freakin' parking lot.