Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Two Peas in a Pod

This week always is crazy for me because of Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother's Day for our Moms and Grady's birthday! Luckily Molly Anne's teacher appreciation week was back in March this year so I'm only doing Grady's right now! But... I organized it and for some reason it really takes up a lot of space in my brain reminding everyone each night and doing all of the things. I'll post next week about what we are doing in case you'd like to bookmark for next year! Just not always entirely sure who reads my public blog! ;) I'll also post what we are giving our Moms!

These two are two peas in a pod lately. They're OBSESSED with each other. It's really never not been that way but lately they're extra lovey dovey and it's sooooo sweet. Makes me melt! And yes, Mills is the best dog in the universe. He puts up with all of their ideas and he just takes it!

Example B - holding hands on the golf cart because they wanted to, not because I told them to! I about died when I saw that. 

Grady has been very into riding with us to take Molly Anne to school in the mornings. She loves it just the same. She says in her high pitched mama voice, "tractor, monster truck, I love you so much Grady, you're the best brother I've ever had, and you're just the cutest!" Her voice gets higher pitched as she gets to the end of her sentence. 

Let's just hope it stays this way forever! Don't get me wrong...they do have their moments occasionally and I let them fight it out. But most of the time they love each other so much and for that I'm so thankful!

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