Monday, May 10, 2021

Beach Weekend

We had a great weekend down at the beach! Our friends Brad and Shauna and their girls came too so it was big fun!

First stop was Sharkys for dinner on Friday night! Pink lemonade and two excited girlies. And we wondered why they stayed up giggling in their room until 11pm?!! 

Second to last day he was two!

Our neighbors from home also were down and had another family with them that we know so the four moms went for a walk on Saturday morning while the four dads took all 8 children to breakfast!! Evidently the ladies at the restaurant were like where are your wives haha!  We were exercising and drinking champagne on the back deck afterward!!  It was dreamy! 

Then they were back and we packed up and headed to the beach!

Finally getting to use his chair he loves so much!

My friend Leslie took this and I love it so much! Just out running around on the beach with my kids! I love how both of their arms are out. We are a bunch of beach bums!

It got super windy and chilly!

This one said she was going to take a nap - yeah right. That lasted about 30 seconds. Speaking of naps, Grady didn’t take one on Saturday and just stayed on the beach the entire day. Good times!

Their swimsuits are from last year 

A mess! 

Low country boil by drew and hilary, the chefs!

So happy to be eating shrimp!

Grady is still waiting on a Grady White to show up on our dock! ;)

I love this picture of them!

Alex letting Grady fish with him, so cute. 

Hanging on the dock

Shauna and her cute girlies! She’s such a good mama!

We packed up and headed back home yesterday morning! We had Grady’s birthday and Mother’s Day to celebrate! 

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