Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Grady’s 3rd Birthday - John Deere Tractor Party

When I started asking Grady what kind of 3rd birthday party he would like, he kept saying "Tractors!" So we made it happen! I'm not the biggest fan of having parties at our house after their first birthday even though I did both of their 1st and 2nd birthday parties at home. It is just so much easier to not have it at your house! 

Plus with corona, I was super conscious about how to do a party for him. I texted our Mom group text from his class and asked if they'd truly be comfortable with having it at My Gym if it was the first party of the day and it was *only* children from their class at school. They all replied yes! 

My Gym truly makes it so easy for the parents to enjoy the party. I know I'm preaching to the choir but children's birthday parties get me stressed for no reason! I can't even explain it but it's real! Anyway, here are the details.... 

Invitations - are these not the cutest invitations?! She offers an option to have them shipped to you instead of you having to print them yourself so you know I did that. They're even cuter in person! 

For the party favors I went with a tractor toy, tractor crayons and a John Deere coloring sheet. I also tied a balloon on each bag when we got to My Gym so each child could take one home. 

This was the first item I ordered for his party - a Tractor shirt! Honestly I ordered this one night at 3am when I couldn't sleep and it was done. 

Roc and Paige were the instructors at My Gym that make it happen. They set it all up for you and everything! So nice!

Cake via Publix! It was good as it always! 

Sweet boy was soooo excited!

I don’t want to post pictures of his 8 friends from his class that came but I think they all had a great time! Molly Anne even got to play and I had prepped her in advance that she may not be able to but they were overly kind to let her enjoy too. She was honestly soooo good about it all and was fine either way. She really made it a special day for Grady!

She kinda had to help him blow out his candles bless his heart! 

Opening presents after his nap!

All of his gifts were so nice! Very sweet friends! I've never seen him so excited about a gift before. He really got it this time! So fun. 

He had a great day! It ended with dinner with our neighbors and another round of cake! Next weekend we will celebrate again with family and friends on his actual birthday - the 9th! 

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