Tuesday, May 25, 2021

This Week

Honestly I'm a bit on overload this week. Swim team is every afternoon. It's Molly Anne's last week of school. Her jazz recital is in two weeks so they have different practice times this week than usual. I'm doing room mom stuff for the end of the school year, it's just busy. 

I went to a parent information meeting for the dance competition team on Saturday morning to get more information about the time commitment and everything. Honestly I'm sort of struggling with the decision on if Molly Anne should do it or not. And I don't know if your child is like mine but how do I find out if she really wants to do it? It all sounds good now but it's two week nights all of next school year for an hour and 45 minutes each time. She's been doing that this year but only for about 45 minutes each time. I like the commitment of her being part of something super fun, the team atmosphere, her growth that would happen, all of those things....I just don't know how much she will love it. But it's our job to give her the opportunities then let them pick and choose their favorites. 

And let's not even talk about what she's doing this summer. I barely have my act together for that. I sort of have a nanny for her and I have signed her up for 5 camps but they're all only mornings. I don't know...I guess it'll figure itself out.

I'm just soooo busy right now with work stuff and pretty overwhelmed with what's going on there. It's again like this whole other part of my life that I have in my brain that takes up a lot of time, energy and sleep time. I am up in the middle of the night worried about work. I've been working at nights after the kids go to bed. That's been that way for a good amount of time now. It's not every night or anything but I get my work done.

And I need to figure out something fun for Grady to do next school year. He deserves to get to do something too...other than swim. Swim is like a life skill to me and is a requirement. I think maybe he will do soccer one more season and we will go from there. He obviously doesn't know what he likes and doesn't like! Molly Anne only did soccer at his age so maybe we will continue the tradition!

At some point between now and Thursday I need to get some work done to my car. 

I have some beach house stuff I need to figure out this week. 

Oh and Mills got groomed last week and they neglected to trim one of his paws but I haven't had a chance to take him back over there yet. I may just trim it in the interest of time.

Never a dull moment in case you thought it was all roses over here!

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  1. UM swim team is EVERY DAY?! We didn't have everyday activities until like, middle school teams i don't think? Wow! You have a LOT going on girl. Seriously, that's a lot of activity + shuffling + work and life!