Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Target Run

I had to make a late night (aka 7:30pm) Target run last night to grab another year end gift card for an after school teacher that recently came back from an extended leave. We are so glad to have her back. 

But you know I’m not just going to get one thing at Target. Sorry Kevin. I never actually go in there (let alone by myself) so this was a treat. There were some other things like Bubbly and a shower curtain rod for the beach I needed. But here are the “fun” things I grabbed that will be getting used soon!

I like to keep blank notecards for teachers/class gifts. Molly Anne’s birthday is coming up so I’ve been working on planning that party this week. Had to grab candles for her cake of course! And I go through wrapping supplies like they’re nothing. Always like to have some on hand. 

My favorite face cleanser. And a new honeysuckle scent soap that I know Molly Anne is going to love for the powder room. 

And how awesome is this planter I got (it’s the 10” one)? I’ve been looking for one and finally found it! It’s such good quality and works well on our porch. I’m actually going to swap this tall hibiscus with a shorter one I have....someday. Probably will be next week. But that’s why I’m not planting it yet. 

It’s concrete but not very heavy. It’s sturdy though if that makes sense. 

Happy Target shopping!

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