Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was teacher appreciation week at Grady’s school so this is what a few of us put together for our class. We sent the below email out with a Google doc for people to sign up for what they wanted to contribute. It made it so easy! 

We wanted to do a mix of surprises, gift cards and pampering for them and I think this encompasses all of that. We hope they felt so appreciated because they’re truly wonderful and take care of our children every day!!!

I volunteered to get the beach cups so I grabbed these yetis and this name sticker to put on them! Both of their favorite colors are pink and they happen to be going to the beach together one weekend this summer!

Here’s the email we sent to the parents...feel free to use it! 

We are hoping we can all pitch in and spoil our teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3-7! Our ideas are below. Please sign up on this document so we can keep track of who has volunteered to bring in items.

Monday: "Beach Day" (coordinate with other beach person)
1. Two beach cups
2. Two beach towels

Tuesday: “Self care”
3. One mani pedi with tip (two people to split)
4. One mani pedi with tip (two to split, coordinate with other)

Wednesday: Flowers
5. One set of flowers
6. One set of flowers (coordinate with other flower person for size)

Everyone does: (Venmo: Xxxx) we will purchase a gift card from group for each teacher 
 - $15 or $20 for Target gift card to be split 

Everyone does: Thank you notes to each teacher.

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