Monday, August 22, 2016


Who is sitting at their computer this morning, ready for the Lilly sale?!  Or maybe you're heading to the store?  I'm trying to do both but it'll depend on work!  Hope you get lots of good deals!

Playing at home after I picked her up.

She is obsessed with Little People these days.  Our backdoor neighbor gave us a million of them and I'm extra thankful because I saw a pack of 6 of them at Target for $20.  Crazy.  She loves pushing this school bus around!

After Molly Anne went to bed, Kevin and I had a little date night out back.  Of course Mills was included as well! ;)  Kevin made a fire and we ordered pizza for dinner.  Around 9pm, I was laying on the couch outside watching YouTube videos of Luke Bryan dancing to Country Girl Shake It For Me and I decided it was time to call it a night haha!  Kevin had put out the fire at that point anyway so it was time for bed!  

Maggie's first birthday party at Charlotte Swim and Racquet!  Molly Anne had so much fun and Fran threw such an adorable party.  It was watermelon themed so she had watermelon, pouches for the kids, goldfish, chick fil a nuggets and these famous cookies from TN that are special to their family!  

Molly Anne loved swimming around the baby pool by herself in her little tube!

After the party, Molly Anne napped then she got up and we went to our neighborhood pool.  They just installed a splash pad so Molly Anne sat in that and squealed for about 10 minutes because she was so thrilled.  Ha!

We celebrated Kevin's Dad's birthday which is this Wednesday!

Cousins!  Kendall turns 5 in November!

After her nap, we went to our pool with Sarah and her fam!  Molly Anne basically could live at a pool.  She is obsessed.  Sadly ours closes after Labor Day so I have no clue what we'll do then!  

And last but not least, Mills turns 4 today!  We love this puppy so much!  We will celebrate tonight with a peanut butter goodie cake per tradition!  

Mama, why do you make me wear that thing every year?!  

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Too many great pics!!! I love MAs swimsuit, and while I really want a new LP blouse, I don't think I'm up for the craziness!

  2. You know I was online bright and early for the sale, it was so good this year! Y'all had such a fun weekend, love all the birthdays! Especially puppy birthdays, the sweetest :)

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  3. Aww! I love Mills's birthday hat! I skipped the Lilly sale, but it seemed like they had some great pieces. Also, love your friend's watermelon party theme. Such a great weekend, and pizza by a fire sounds divine!