Monday, August 29, 2016

Boat Day for Brad

Everyone here is heading back to school today and I could certainly tell traffic-wise.  It's so much worse during the school year.  On to the weekend...

On Friday we came home and Molly Anne and I went to my neighbor's house to swim!  She LOVES it.  We are trying to fit in as much swimming as possible.... the neighborhood pool closes next Monday.  

Oh and she was doing this while I was changing into my bathing suit. 

Saturday morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Mills seriously watches with her, it's crazy.  OH, amazing news about Mills that I got at 5pm on Friday - the growth on his gum was benign!!!!  Thank you all for your sweet thoughts about our bubba!!!  I was SO relieved.  

Saturday we had a big day!  We headed up to Lake Norman for a birthday celebration for one of Kevin's oldest and dearest friends!  Shauna invited us to jump on a boat with them to celebrate.  Molly Anne had her own little celebration at home because she got to play with Kathryn all day long (poor Kathryn because MA didn't nap but Molly Anne was thrilled)!  

Anyway we had the best time.  

Then it started to pour down rain!

We headed to lunch at Port City Club then waited out the storm there for a bit.  We ended up just heading back north and hoping for the best.  Thankfully we got back safe and sound ha!

The birthday boy in the middle!

Good times!  Thank you Shauna for having us!

Sunday was a lazy day at home.  We regrouped and got some things done.  I had left Molly Anne for about 1 minute and she immediately went and got her toothbrush and toothpaste.  I think she's going to be a dentist haha.  She's obsessed.

They love each other.  We played outside with the water table for awhile yesterday afternoon.  Molly Anne was asleep for the night before 7.  Great weekend but too short as always.  Back to the grind today!


  1. What a fun weekend! We are enjoying these last few days of summer too. That is too funny about MA and her toothbrush!

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful and fun weekend!

    So glad to hear the good news about Mills! :)

    Amy @

  3. So glad Mills is okay!! The traffic this morning was insane!

  4. We had so much fun rain and all :)

  5. So happy that Mills is fine! You must be so relieved.