Monday, August 1, 2016

The Weekend

We had a fun weekend, hope you all did too.  

Friday afternoon we went to the pool then came home and played out back.  

I got this silly little container at Target the other night and filled it with some toys to play with in water.  Molly Anne had fun playing with this Barbie set at her cousin's house so I tried to sorta recreate it without spending $100 on Barbie stuff.  I did get her one water Barbie which she loves holding.  

And she loves dunking her face in water.  Ha!

We had the pool to ourselves!

Kevin's parents came over and brought dinner Friday night.  

Saturday morning cuddling on the couch.  Worn down cushion thanks to our human dog who lays there constantly.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is serious biz yall.

Saturday night we went out with some friends to Sir Ed's for drinks, RockSalt for dinner and Ten Park Lanes for hanging out.  Good times and I was toast Sunday morning after being out until after midnight.  

Sunday we just hung around, went to the pool, played with some new toys she got for her birthday (she LOVES to climb through the tent tube), organized the house and fixed an easy dinner.  Typical Sunday for us.  

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Tess said...

Will you do a post (oh gosh, I hope you haven't already) on "worth it" first birthday gifts?? I can't believe we are inching closer to it, and I don't know what to stock up on!