Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mills' Surgery

Yesterday was one of those insane how-am-I-making-all-of-this-work kinda days.  I dropped Mills off at the vet at 7am.  He was having surgery for three things - the main reason was to biopsy a growth on his gum and while they did this they removed two cysts that were no big deal and also brushed his teeth.  We find out in three days about the growth.  If it's malignant it will not be a good thing. 

Anyway, I also ended up having to take Molly Anne to her doctor yesterday kinda spur of the moment because she had a little rash that wasn't going away (ended up being a heat rash, no big deal).  New mom alert!

So at 10:15am, I was still waiting to hear that Mills was awake and had done well.  But I also left my office, drove 25 minutes to get Molly Anne, then drove another 15 to her doctor, saw the doc, slipped by the house to get the cream she needed, took her back to Ms. Becky's then drove back to my office.  Of course while we were in with Molly Anne's doctor, Mills' doctor called and I couldn't answer - doesn't it always happen this way?!  They left me a voicemail saying all went perfectly and he was a "drunk man" still but I could pick him up at 3:30pm.  

Anyway, he was a little worse off than I thought he would be but I babied the heck out of him last night and I think he's doing better.  Kevin ended up picking Molly Anne up at the end of the day so I could stay with Mills.  He got stitches where the two cysts were - one on his ankle and one on his left side.  His gum is pretty tender but he amazingly could eat goodies last night.  The vet said I may have to soften his food for 10-14 days - umm I don't think so.  He ate goodies, he's fine.  

This was this morning...he was a tired boy.  Hopefully today he gets lots of rest.  

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for good news on his biopsy!  I'm sooo worried but I am thinking happy thoughts!


  1. OH my goodness!! Poor Mills! Happy thoughts prayers wishes vibes!

  2. Hope good news comes for Mills today!

  3. Poor Mills! I'm hoping & praying for good news on his biopsy!

  4. Sending positive thoughts your way and crossing my fingers for good news. That is the one thing that is so scary with golden retrievers.

  5. Awww poor Mills!!! I'll be thinking about you guys!!!