Friday, August 19, 2016

Five on Friday - Molly Anne

FINALLY Friday!!  It has been quite a week.  I'm just ready to do nothing this weekend.  Well, we have a fun first birthday and other than that we plan to just hang and play with our little queenie!

I really don't have much today mainly because my brain is not working but this is what we've been up to.

1.  Loves to climb up her slide!  PS - can yall tell I bought the wrong size pool so 200 of those little plastic balls does nothing for this gigantic pool?!  Oh well.  It's been in our living room but my friend Katie gave me that foam letter and number floor so I put that floor on our brick porch last night and moved this pool and slide out there.  Whoop whoop.  And I moved the exersaucer to the attic.  She is too heavy for it now and honestly it's a little baby-fied for her at this point.

2.  I cannot handle the pigtails!

3.  We got her this puppy which looks just like Mills while we were in Ocean City at Candy Kitchen.  Like she needed another animal but I couldn't resist.  And look how much she loves it!!!  PS - I also can't handle the crossed feet when she sleeps.  So cute.

4.  She has always loved Mills but lately these two can't get enough of each other.  

Mills just doesn't care what she does to him.  Typical golden!

Why crawl around him when you can crawl over him?!

5.  Yesterday was Mom's birthday so I tried taking some pictures to send to her.  Ha, it's so hard these days.  Molly Anne is ALL over the place.  I thought being Mom was hard at 3 months and 6 months.  Yeah right...  My friend's Sarah and April have always told me "when they turn one, just wait.."  They were right!  And my child isn't even walking...which by the way, I'm not interested in rushing...when they can walk, they can run!  I'm totally okay if she's a super late walker like my brother who didn't walk until 18 months haha!

Mills sitting like a cat.  "Kitty Cat Mills"

Okay now I'm going on and on....this was this morning.  Trying to figure out a way in the morning for her to have a mini breakfast in the kitchen (she eats her regular one at Becky's) while Kevin and I get ready in the bedroom.  I guess I need to get up even earlier so I'm ready and have time to stand in the kitchen with her for 10 minutes while she eats some cheerios.  Any other suggestions?!  Clearly the little snack pouch of cheerios in her tot block didn't work this morning.  HA!

Happy Weekend!  


  1. My brother didn't walk until he was 2 because I carried him everywhere. Ha. Her pigtails are freaking adorable!

  2. I have another set of the foam mats if you want them! Also, she not a late walker at all! Emmy walked somewhere around 13 months & it was fine. It's so hard to keep up with them (like you said). Miss you, friend!

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  4. Check out the Munchie Mug on Amazon. A girlfriend of mine had one at the pool recently. Keeps all snacks inside. We had the one MA has and the mug was genius. Crazy how much baby stuff changes just in a few years since I had babies! Hope you all have had a nice summer!!

  5. Hi! Where did you get MA's pillow from?

  6. Molly Anne and that puppy, I die!!

  7. MA is getting so big! I totally hear you on how it is a completely different game once they are mobile. I loved our bouncer and the few minutes I got every day from it...I will be so sad once we have to put it away!

  8. So fun! I love the slide! For breakfast, we usually try a waffle or mini pancakes... those usually take her a while to nibble on. And we send what she doesn't finish to 'school' with her. If we give her a full breakfast... eggs, fruits, etc. she just gobbles them up! ha