Thursday, August 4, 2016

Things I've Gotten Molly Anne at Age 1

My little infant has grown up!  And now we've had to get her a few big girl things.  

First up, Wet Brush  The infant hair brush that was my brother's isn't working anymore because Molly Anne has a lot of hair.  This wet brush is the best.  And I got the little one as well and stuck that in the diaper bag.  

Colgate Toothbrush and paste - at Molly Anne's one year doctor visit, the doc said she needs to start brushing her teeth.  So I found this at the Buy Buy Baby store for much cheaper and Molly Anne LOVES to brush her teeth every night now!  I basically just hold her while I sit in her glider and she moves it around her mouth then I brush and done.  This toothpaste can be swallowed.  

Munchkin non slip tub mat - my friend Sarah told me about this one versus the Target ones that are a few dollars more and not nearly as fun!  We're trying to retire the baby tub haha!  Honestly I've kept her in that because we bathe her in our huge jacuzzi tub.  We have one other tub but it has glass doors and I don't feel like I could get to her if there was an emergency.  But so far, Molly Anne likes being free in the big tub and she doesn't slip thanks to this thing!

iPad headrest holder - well let's just say this - I've tried every iPad headrest holder on Amazon and I finally found a winner.  It's easy and most importantly stays on the headrest.  You don't want to know what it was like on a road trip to Pawleys with only Molly Anne and I and no entertainment for her.  Dramatic?  Yes.  We have another road trip coming up and I wasn't about to do it without my iPad.  PS - I downloaded Amazon Prime videos for free while I was at home on WiFi so she can watch those.  This way I don't stream and use all of our data while watching.  

Next up, I need to get her some new shoes that she can walk in.  Problem is, her foot is TINY so they usually don't make walking shoes that small.  I'm on a mission to find something cute, practical and comfy for her!


  1. I'm 27 and use a wet brush! My hair is so fine that it is literally the only brush that doesn't pull my hair out! This could easily be a list of fun things for me! Ha!

  2. We had the same trouble with small sized walking shoes. The best I found were the infant sized Keenes. Ordered them from Zappos and had them the next day. We LOVED them!!

  3. Ok, need the iPad holder and the bath mat!

  4. I loved Beko Baby booties and both my girls had tiny feet. The zipper makes it super easy to put on.

  5. Love that bath mat; I am definitely getting that! Thanks for sharing. It is really good to know what lies ahead!

  6. I really think you are a great mom. I know it can be challenging Erving in the car but...

    But please consider doing some reading/research on screen time for young children. I've seen it impact children in my practice.

    One interesting thing was the really overwhelming damaging impact of TV and video games on young minds. Kind of scary. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement saying NO TV for kids 2 and under