Friday, August 5, 2016

Catch Up Post

Little delayed today and I don't even know if this will be 5 things for Five on Friday but let's just go with it.  Got up this morning and walked with my friend Lisa.  I love exercising and catching up with friends at the same time.  So easy!

1.  This little love has been extra sweet this week and I cannot get enough of her!

2.  She's started doing this thing where she smooshes her face onto Mills' hoover and she just loves on him.  It may be the cutest thing EVERRRRR.  I thought she was about to do it here but she didn't.  I hope I can capture it some day!

3.  Got to meet my friend Courtney's new baby Scarlett this week!  She's so sweet and looks just like her big sister!  Speaking of, I took three meals to three new baby families this week.  I love doing that because we had a few brought to us when MA was born and it was incredibly helpful.  Honestly the ones I took weren't anything fancy but everything tastes better when you don't have to shop or cook it right?

4.  Girl's nights are GOOD for the soul.  Post coming up next week on girl's nights in general.  Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

5.  Our sweet neighbor's daughter loves Molly Anne and brought her this cute ladybug blanket yesterday.  Molly Anne is obsessed with it and it basically is the softest thing ever.  So kind of Hannah!

6.  Yep now we're on to #6.  Oh well.  Molly Anne loves to brush her teeth haha!  She can't even read a book at night because all she wants to do is brush her teeth again.  Crazy girl!  

Happy Weekend!


  1. I saw your snap at 5:45 this morning!! Get it girl! I wish I could get up and work out like that!! Also can't wait for your post about girls' nights...will it include selfie sticks and uber?! ;)

  2. I'm loving this age where they start giving the best smooches! Sully loves "brushing" her teeth too, so cute! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  3. Ahh, love the picture of MA brushing her teeth! She is so adorable! Also, it looks like you had a great girls' night and yay for bringing meals to friends. That is so helpful and kind of you!