Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One Year Old Gifts

Molly Anne got so spoiled for her birthday from family and our friends!  These are the top 10 things she plays with a lot right now.

1.  The Playskool ball popper.  This thing is so loud and wild because the balls definitely pop out and off the toy but Molly Anne LOVES it.  PS - I linked it to Amazon but you may need to get it somewhere else right now because it's very expensive on Amazon.

2.  Poppin' Pals.  This was a hand-me-down from my brother's girls and Molly Anne loves it too.  Okay Molly Anne loves everything on this list so I'll quit saying that.  

3.  Turn and Lean Driver.  This is good if you want something a little smaller but still has sounds and lights.  

4.  Alphabet Train - this is good for learning (it has two modes), standing up, riding, listening.  Lots of things.

5.  Tent tunnel - oh lawdy my child loves this.  The best part - it easily folds up into the package for easy stowage.  

6.  Sit to Stand Walker - she is more interested in the lights and buttons rather than trying to walk with it but we're working on the walking thing.  Kind of.

7.  Water Table.  Molly Anne could live in water, she loves it so much.  I add toys to ours so she has more to do.  I looked at every possible water table on Amazon and I finally decided on this one.

8.  Mega Bloks.  Not sure who likes these more - Mama or Molly Anne.  ;)

9.  Sportster.  This thing is nice because we can walk down the street with it or just hang in the backyard.  Plus, cup holder for child + cup holder for parent = SMART!

10.  Any of the Jellycat Small animals.  Molly Anne LOVES her duck and I got her the puppy so she'd have that at her one year shots.  Obsessed.  


  1. Good list. My son is 12 and the ball popper, the pop up toy and the water table were all favorites here. They stand the test of time!!

  2. We have the tunnel and walker. Declan will be two in November and he still plays with both of them! Good choices.

  3. Thankkkkk you!!!! That tent tunnel will be making is way to our house come September. Fold away toys speak my love language.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I will have to put these on SC's birthday wish list for October!