Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Girl's Nights

Let's discuss girl's nights!

I'm beyond thankful to have some of the very best girlfriends.  And I think they are essential to have as we navigate our jobs, our family and our children.  You HAVE to have girlfriends.  Husbands are wonderful and I could not live without mine but he just doesn't get some things that our girlfriends get!

Therefore, girl's nights are essential to life.

Tell me what you all do for Girl's Nights.  My sister in law was telling me that every few months they meet at a pedicure place so they all get a pedicure then go get drinks and apps or even just back to someone's house.  Sounds amazing right?  Who has time for a pedicure?  Make it be a girl's night and knock out two birds with one stone.

In this season of life, we were getting together at someone's home but now some of us have decided to go out instead.  It's hard with sleeping children and lots of wine to stay semi-quiet.  Ha.  Plus, who has time to get their house cleaned up and make apps?  Easier to go out.

Also, most of my mom friends all put their kids to bed around 7-8pm depending on who has the newest baby so we don't meet until after we have all put our kids to bed.  For me, that's important because when I'm traveling for work I don't get to do that so when I'm home, I'm putting Molly Anne to bed.

We've done bunco, dinner parties, country club, makeup lessons, just chatting nights, meet at a restaurant for dinner, wine tasting (PS - girls we should this next!) and other things.

Tell me, how do you do girl's nights?


  1. Love this post... female friends are so important for moms. Bonding with other "new moms" has been one of my less-obvious favorite things about becoming a mother.
    A friend of mine started what has become a pretty large fb group for moms on the Main Line and we have monthly dinners. Everyone is invited and we have a core group that tries to make it every month. Sometimes it's only 5-10 people, and other months, it's well over 20 people who can make it. We also just saw the "Bad Moms" movie this weekend after meeting for lunch. Fun fun!

  2. I love this! Girls nights are my favorite - next one up for us is this Sunday at a movie theater (that serves booze) to go see Bad Moms!

  3. Yay for girls' nights! It seems like you have an amazing group of friends and that is so important and fortunate! :)