Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Molly Anne is Ten Months

This month was way too much fun.  You have the most fun personality and you're really turning into a little girl.  I can't get enough of you!!!!

1.  You officially weigh 20 pounds!  You're in size 3 (at Ms. Becky's) and 4 diapers and 9-12, 9 and 12 month clothes. 12 month pjs.  

2.  You are crawling!

3.  You want to know about everything around you at all times. You don't miss a thing.  

4.  You are picking up food and putting it in your mouth and chewing it with your two bottom teeth (you are still majorly teething for those top two).  We are still giving you some puréed food per the doc to be sure you're getting full each meal.  You are obsessed with your sippy cup of water still.  You're taking three bottles (one wake up, one at lunch and one at dinner - 7 ounces each).  These will soon transition (any time after 11 months) to be organic whole milk at meal times in your bottle at first then sippy cup.   You haven't met a food you don't like. In Ms. Becky's 29 years of keeping children, you're her only one that likes cottage cheese. Haha!!  

5.  You clap and wave to people!  You also point at things now. 

6.  Swinging is still your very favorite.  Your Poppa put up your little tikes swing on our garage and you swing every day!  I'm so excited because it's in the shade so I know what we will be doing every evening in the summer! 

7.  You aren't pulling up in your crib yet but getting close. I have a feeling you may try to crawl out one day...just a sneaky suspicion.  You are pushing your crib bumpers down to see out.  In the mornings when I come in, sometimes you're just sitting there instead of laying. You must have strong abs! ;)

8.  You are all over the place on the changing table. Trying to change your diaper in the car has become exciting too because you like to flip over and move everywhere. 

9.  You have A LOT to say.  You're constantly talking. Babababa. Dadadada.  You mouth Poppa but don't say it yet. Evidently he worked with you on that last week when they took care of you.  We can't wait to hear what you have to say!!!

10.  You sit up in the tub now. We are still using your primo tub because we don't have a good tub in this house. We have our big jacuzzi tub and then a tub in your bathroom but it has glass doors and I don't feel like I could easily and quickly get to you if something were to happen.  So you're stuck in the primo tub for awhile.  I get in the garden tub (which we have your tub in it) with you because it's so big.  Bath time has always been your favorite and still is. 

No you weren't pleased to be taking these pictures!  You thought it would be more fun to lunge forward with every rock the chair made.  Wild girl!  I'm such a mean mama for not letting you do that. 

11.  Swim class is still going well. You've been swimming since 7 months. It's a big event for us on Thursdays but it's worth it because you love it!

12.  You've hit a little separation anxiety this month. You want someone to be with you when we put you in your play pen (tot block).  Never say never. I never thought I'd put you in a play area thing but we were running out of ideas of how to get ready in the morning and keep you safe.  You play in a tot block (basically a large pack n play) at Ms. Becky's and you love it so we got one for home and keep it in our room and filled it with lots of toys.  You love playing in that and in your little playroom.  I just care that you're safe.  You'll grow out of this phase soon but until then, we know it's best. 

We couldn't love you more little one!!!!


Sarah O said...

Sweet girl! Time is flying by, right? AG is trying to throw herself off the chair during photos too. I need to get her a swing and I love the idea of hanging it in the garage. We don't have a good tree for it so that's perfect.

A Carolina Mrs. said...

I cannot believe she is ten months old! Just keeps getting more precious!

Margot said...

Sweet baby! She's just precious and is such a busy girl these days! I love seeing what's ahead for miss Emmerson!