Friday, May 27, 2016

Five on Friday

1.  First hydrangea blooms ever!  I thought the plant was dead last year but it's not!

2.  I love when she's just out of the tub, all clean and cuddly. 

3.  Best lil playmates.  I knew Mills would be good with children because hello he's a golden retriever but I had no idea that he would be as amazing as he is.  He is sooooo sweet with Molly Anne!  

4.  Molly Anne has really been into stuffed animals lately. If you give her one, she smiles so big, it's adorable.  Random fact!

5.  Looking forward to some R&R this weekend. Make sure you all remember that this weekend is not about grilling out and sales.  It's about remembering the fallen...those killed in action. Veterans Day is to honor those that fought or are fighting.  There's a difference between the two days. And a huge pet peeve - it's not "Happy" Memorial Day.  It's not happy that people died serving our country.  It's Memorial Day.  Just little friendly reminders!


Leslie said...

Such a good reminder. We live very close to Arlington Cemetery and I frequently walk there. It is so sad to see the rows of gravestones and think of all who have fallen. Indeed, the price is great for freedom. On a happier note, that picture of Mills and MA melts my heart. Goldens are the best!

Sarah O said...

We have those eggs too! Huge hit in our house.