Monday, May 16, 2016

Birthday Party and Out

Friday night we hung with some neighbors in her front yard....

then the three of us went to dinner!

Saturday morning we went to our friend Mike and Sarah's house where Mike was presented a gun from a non-profit that gives back to wounded warriors.  This gun was used in WWII.  Very special and we were honored to be there for the presentation!

We had some afternoon nap issues both days this weekend which is very rare.  Plus she didn't eat a ton yesterday.  I'm thinking those two top teeth are coming any day.  Or maybe it's because she can sit up in her crib now and she's doing it because she can.  Who knows.  

Saturday afternoon we got to go to Camille's birthday party!

Molly Anne and the sweet birthday girl!

Molly Anne with her boyfriends Teddy and Winn.  She wasn't very nice to them so they probably don't want to date her in the future! ;)  Mom told me I need to work on my parenting and tell her no ma'am!

Sarah with Gigi and Camille.  

I love this picture of MA and her Smother!

Saturday night Kathryn came over to hang out with Molly Anne and we went to the Southend area to meet up with our friends Davidson and Gina.  First stop was Nan and Byron's for a drink.  Second stop we walked over to Seoul Food Meat Company.  It's a new place and is super cool.  It's open air and has a cool, low key vibe.  

Watermelon soju!

And a bunch of meat...and ramen mac n cheese!

We ended up at old school Cedar Street Tavern for a night cap...then I hit a wall around 11 and we headed home shortly after.  

Sunday morning errands with my girl.  She lit up at Target when she saw Minnie!  (PS...she doesn't normally roll around with a bib on but we were making wise use of our time and she was drinking her bottle as we strolled Target.)  

Anyway, I ended up putting the Minnie in our basket and then at the checkout line when I gave it back to her after we paid for it, she just squealed with excitement.  It was so adorable and worth the $5 just for her reaction.  I told Kevin this was the first time I've taken her to a toy aisle and she just got so bright eyed!  

Also as you'll notice, she started taking her bows out of her hair last week.  Ugh!  I will continue to put them in and she will keep them in sometimes.  Please let this just be a phase!

Outfit planning for the week.  Each outfit gets put in a labeled gallon size bag.  Yes, doing things like this on a Sunday is how I survive the week.  

Last night I bagged 4 more bags of trimmings.  We have a deal in our house - Kevin trims all of the bushes and I clean them up.  I did 4 one night last week after Molly Anne was in bed then finished last night after she was asleep.  It's nice to be outside on these cool Spring nights!

Happy Monday.  I'm off to the dentist... I can hardly wait! ;)


Amy Rae said...

It looks like it was a very fun and enjoyable weekend! :)

Amy @

MWH said...

I think I would rather trim then clean up the branches. I am hoping when we move Rob does all outside work. Not a fan. Mary Scott in her little bouncer with all the guys is so funny!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Ummmm...can you box up all of MA's AH-dorable clothes and save them to pass on to me when I have a daughter? K, thanks!