Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Five on Friday - Supper Club, Cradle and Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a nice week!

1.  Supper club on Monday night at Pacos Tacos.  I love that we do it later in the evening so we are all around for kid's bedtimes. I don't like missing a minute of Molly Anne's awake time so this is perfect!

2.  I ended up ordering this dress in navy for Vegas.  I'll have to get it shortened a tiny bit but it's classy but will still be good for work dinners with fun jewelry. 

3.  Lazy. 

4.  Y'all remember the cradle dad made Molly Anne?!!

5.  All the books off the shelf!

6.  Mothers Day flowers from my parents!!  Two other things I want to remember - my brother calling to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and getting a card from my friend Cathy. So sweet. 

7.  Front door selection... Still between three options. This one is top on Kevin's list. 

8. Organic brown eggs - obsessed with them.  They taste so much better than regular teeter eggs.  Random!!!

So there's my eight on Friday! ;)


MWH said...

Are you trying to outdo everyone with "8" on a Friday? What happened to 5? Ha. Love, love, love those glass front doors.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

That sweet!! Happy Friday, friend!

KW said...

Have that talbots dress in navy and royal and might get black - LOVE it. Comfy, good w flats / gladiators / Jacks and heels and packs like a dream. Wish it came in pink!

A Carolina Mrs. said...

Those doors are gorgeous! Are they for the new house or your current one? I'm a big fan of glass front doors!

Happy first Mother's Day!

Believe it or not I just ate a Pacos Tacos for the first time for a play group lunch a couple weeks ago.

Tess said...

Just catching up a bit - and I love Kev's selection on the doors. Just stunning!

rox said...

We have a custom 8-foot mahogany door. Everything about the door is huge - it's height and width. (Trick-or-treaters and pizza delivery folks have commented on this door - it's that awesome.) Unfortunately, it is starting to split. At first, the cracks were tiny, and now they are getting bigger. Not horrible, yet, but it would be within a few years. So - we are door hunting. NOT going with an all-wood door this time around. Sad, because I LOVE the look of a REAL wood door. We're going with a fiberglass door custom to look like real wood (it's by Thermatru - sp.).