Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Picking Crabs

I really have zero time today as I'm trying to regroup and get ready for our next adventure.  And it's my first day back in the office in two weeks.  Crazy!

Continuing my recap of our trip to Maryland!

Friday morning cuddles with Poppa...

We did lots of playing on Friday.  Including a little redneck pool time! ;)

Wrapped up in a Minnie Mouse towel that I used to use as a child!

She loves looking at the pond.

Ready to pick some crabs!

Fried shrimp were her very favorite!

She loved the crab.  She also ate clams, chicken and hushpuppies.  We had to be careful of the old bay getting in her eyes so I kept a pack of wipes handy and kept her lil hands clean.  

Poppa gave her his best claw!

Hunks of crabmeat!  I loved picking crabs...one of my favorite summer things!

Molly Anne's high chair...she had a feast, can you tell?!

and so did Dad and I.  Mom always has moderation when we pick crabs, but Dad and I always try to get to double digits.

I have a picture of she and I in front of Old Mill from September as well.  I look forward to continuing this little tradition for many years!

Dead asleep immediately after her bath and bottle!

Next up Saturday at the beach!


Leslie said...

Such a sweet picture of her sleeping! It sounds like she really enjoyed her first experience of picking crabs!

MWH said...

A friend of ours is having a crab feast and has never picked a crab. I have a feeling I will be giving a lot of tutorials! Glad you all had fun in MD!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

A girl after my own heart...love some good seafood! I am terrible at picking crabs, though!

KTBFerg said...

She's so sweet!!

Erin Phillips said...

I love seeing Sully in my old things, I have a Lion King towel she used when we were back home and it just warmed my heart. And gosh I love when they sleep with their tush's up in the air, so cute!

Erin, Attention to Darling

StatelyLady17 said...

Sounds like she had fun eating the crabs!!

Any advice on how you got your daughter to sleep in the pack-n-play? Our daughter refuses to be put in hers for 5 minutes. We are going to the beach in August and I'm so worried it won't go very well. We haven't traveled yet with her so this will be the first time and just trying to get everything in order before we go.

rox said...

That's awesome that she ate those seafood goodies! Our pediatrician said no shellfish until 15 months, though. Wonder why? Oh well. Conner will be 15 months in a few short days, so WOOHOO! Here we come, crabs and shrimp and all other shellfish goodies! Such a sweet family!