Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beach Day

I'm gonna just go ahead and apologize in advance for the excessive number of pictures in this post and quite frankly in all of my Maryland posts.  We just had that much fun and I want to remember all of the details!  

On Saturday we went to the beach (Ocean City, Maryland) which is about a 30 minute drive from my parents house!  PS - this little Minnie that Molly Anne got at Target - best $5 I've ever spent...she LOVES that thing!  

First stop on the boardwalk - Thrashers french fries!

She loved them!  They are famous and have been around for forever.  

We changed her into her little iplay diaper and her bathing suit (we did it right in the stroller - eeks!) and played on the beach for a little bit.  This was her second time at the beach but first time playing in the sand.  She was only two months old the first time!

She had the best time feeling the sand.  Ha, the small things!

We played in the water and she felt the waves coming in and going out.  The water was so chilly though!  I have no idea how all of those people were in it up to their waists!

She is going to be a beach girl!

Mom had of course gotten her some beach toys!

Poppa covered up her tooties with sand then she wiggled out of them and giggled the whole time!

Back on the boardwalk for the famous Dumser's ice cream!  Fun fact - I worked there during the summers in high school and a couple in college, haha.

And a ride on the merry-go-round at Trimpers!  This has been around since my parents grew up so it was cool that Molly Anne got to ride it!


  1. Never apologize for sharing too many pictures! That one of your dad and MA on the merry-go-round is a framer!

  2. Molly Anne is the cutest! I love her little bathing suit and dresses!

  3. The Trimpers are my cousins! ;) That carousel is actually quite famous

  4. I have family that live in Berlin and grew up going to Ocean City. Would love some Thrasher's fries right now! Y'all hit all the hot spots!

  5. So neat that MA got to enjoy a place that you and your family love and have so many memories of! Her bathing suit is adorable and I love all the pictures!

  6. THRASHER'S!!!!!!! My grandparents lived in Berlin and if Poppy was working, Gramma took us to the boardwalk and jetty (and Candy Kitchen/Dumsers) and all of the little shops on/behind the boardwalk! So fun!!!!!!! Now I want crabs and thrashers and all things MD/DE :)

  7. Aww she is a little water baby, it looks like she loved it!

  8. That last picture is heart melting! Your parents must have been in Heaven with all of that quality time!

  9. I haven't checked into you blog for awhile and totally enjoyed catching up today. Molly Ann is growing so much and is so beautiful. Your new house plans sound wonderful. Would have been something to run into you on the boardwalk in OC. I would have totally recognized your whole fam, lol. Enjoy your summer!

  10. Little MA is precious! Love beach babies!

  11. Little MA is precious! Love beach babies!