Friday, June 3, 2016

Five on Friday- What A Week

1.  Roses on the side of our house. They're so gorgeous. 

I had to pick some!

And some hydrangeas.  I love putting them in stemless wine glasses!

2.  Molly Anne ate her first fast food/kids meals on chick fil a.  Ha!!

3.  She's very into her books, especially the bob books my friend Chris gave her!

4.  Trying Hatley pajamas from Sugar Bit for the first time. The carters pjs are so slim fit and I understand why but these are so much softer and comfy. 

5.  One of our garage doors broke last week and wouldn't you know it that the other broke this week?!!  Just something else to deal with. 

I think I told you all that our week old Sequoia got hit when it was parked at the beach in November.  Well we finally got the guys insurance to pay for it and it got fixed in April. Well Toyota painted it the wrong color black.  So then two weeks ago we took it back to Toyota to get that fixed.  We got it back last week.  Well, guess what?!  It got hit yesterday in the same place on the bumper as I was stopped and pulling out of a gas station. A work van backed right into me.  UNREAL.  It's a tiny dent but just something else to deal with.  In case you are wondering, we are best friends with Justin at the collision center! ;)

Happy Friday!!!!!

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  1. Love your flowers and MA is looking cute as always! I will have to try out those pjs; I like the Carter's but am always on the lookout for others. Sorry about your garage doors and your car. That is so crazy that you got a dent in the same place twice. At least you have a good person to work with!