Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life Update - Closed on House

Little life update:

1.  Thanks for suffering through my Denver recaps. I know trip pictures aren't always that exciting but I love the fact that I've done a blog post on every trip Kevin and I have been on together. 

2.  The months of May and June have been crazy. I've literally gone somewhere then come home for less than 24 hours then go somewhere else.  I think my work travel will slow a bit in July and August so that'll be nice. We will see if it happens. 

3.  Speaking of that, the whole working mom thing hasn't been the easiest but I am thankful for Kevin. He's been holding the fort down and he hasn't had the easiest year work wise either.  It's just a phase and next year will be better.  

4.  House update - we closed on the lot and construction loan as one on Tuesday.  That was a pretty darn big day for us. We took them a huge check, signed our life away and walked out of the attorney's office with nothing.  No keys or anything! Kind of weird but we look forward to getting started building.  So far our floor plan has been nailed down and we are currently working on renderings and picking out brick. We feel like this is our biggest decision yet and want to get it right. Timeline - we hope to break ground in August then it'll be about a year to build. 

5. Mom also had surgery on her neck on Tuesday at Hopkins.   It's a long complicated story of her surgeries and medical issues but she's doing really well from this one. 

That's all I've got today!  


  1. I'll say some prayers for your Mom. Brick definitely is important so take your time and get out and drive around. We found our brick by scoping out different neighborhoods. Congratulations on closing--that's huge!

  2. Prayers for a quick, complete recovery for your mom. Surgery and our parents are tough especially when they don't live close by.

    Congratulations on closing!

  3. Yay! Congratulations on closing! That is so exciting and I can't wait to follow along as y'all go through the building process. Prayers for a quick recovery for your mom!

  4. Seriously do not know how you do it. Your energy & ability to keep it all together is amazing and inspiring!
    Looking forward to house updates! What a dream!

  5. I don't know how you do it either. I feel guilty saying I'm tired when I think about your schedule! Congrats on the house! We close on the 30th!!!

  6. I hope your mom's surgery goes well. That is exciting that you closed on your property and picked out a floor plan. It is going to be beautiful! I hope your travel schedule slows down; I don't know how you do it!

  7. Prayers for your Mom's recovery. It's exciting that the house is getting started. I hope your schedule slows a little so you can spend lots of time with MA at the pool. Jess at Just Jess

  8. Congratulations on the " closing". So happy for you.. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about -- and praying for your sweet Mom. Healing on the way to her and your family. Hard to see our Moms not feeling their best. Also, I enjoyed your pics of the trip, looked like such fun, and wonderful memories.