Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Denver Day One

Kevin and I have been in Denver since last Friday.  We were there for a trip he won through work and as usual, it did not disappoint. Basically it was insane and I can't wait to fill y'all in. Day two was so nuts that I'm going to probably have to split it up in two posts. 

We landed around 1:30p local time and met up with the bus that took us to the hotel. They're so crazy because from the time you land, you don't touch your luggage. They transport it for you then take it directly to your room.  Truly a detail on these trips are never missed.  

We walked around downtown and met up with friends of ours hanging out on the 16th Street Mall.  

Somehow we ended up at coyote ugly for about 15 min and that was enough ha!

Friday night they had a welcome reception dinner at the hotel.  We loved the meat and cheese spread they had. 

And Kevin got to shake Tom's hand again!

Our group of friends that were on this trip. 

PS Vicki and Leslie at the Lilly store in Charlotte totally hooked me up with this comfy and perfect dress for this night. They had it overnighted to me just so I could take it on this trip. Thank you girls -- I got so many compliments on it.  And hiiiii Vicki...loved chatting with you last week! :)

Today I'm back at the airport on my way to VA Beach for a few hours. I'll be back in time to get my lil babydoll from Ms. Becky!  

Next up, private tours of the Broncos and Rockies stadiums. 


  1. that dress looks gorgeous on you! Brad has been telling me about the trip, it sounds like an absolute blast!

  2. Love these trips! I want to go on one...

  3. Sounds amazing! I love that dress on you too. It is perfect!

  4. So jealous of all of Kev's work trips!