Thursday, June 9, 2016

Denver Day Two - Broncos and Rockies Tours

Saturday they had lined up private tours of two of Denver's stadiums.  First up, the Rockies.  

Of course they had used the screen to display the logo for the trip and to congratulate the winners!  

They got 1,300 people in and out of both stadiums within three hours total.  Then fed all of us a nice lunch at a restaurant downtown. Crazy.  

We bussed over to the Denver Broncos Stadium.  Actually they play a lot of sports there and have 300 events a year.  

Look who greeted us. Given the outcome of the Super Bowl, it was a little bittersweet to be there for us panthers fans. 

Kevin took care of him though haha. 

Again the scoreboard.  

Suite level. They took us all through the place. Locker rooms, kitchen, weight room etc

John Elways private suite. 

They had been trying to get the Lombardi trophy so we could see it but the Broncos wouldn't allow it.  Then they asked if they could get a replica made and they wouldn't allow it.  That morning, a security guard showed up with the trophy and it was such a surprise.  Although it belongs in Charlotte, it was pretty special to get to see it!

Then they bussed us all to lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery.  

Heavy lunch so we walked and walked afterwards.  Came upon a chalk festival that was pretty cool.

Next up, Saturday night which is one of the best nights of my life, haha!  It was crazyyyyy.  


  1. You should really consider longer shorts....and giving up all the processed and fast foods! Yikes!

  2. That chalk festival. I could do that. Orrrrrrrrr not. How cool is that?!? I bought sidewalk chalk for Conner (who is thisclose to being 15 months old), and I can't wait to use it with him. Granted, our drawings won't look like this, but still. Super cool!

  3. The chalk festival looks so amazing! Also really neat that you could walk through the stadium and that lunch looks divine!