Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Denver - Day Two - Brad Paisley

After the stadium tours, we went back to the hotel and got ready for the gala.  I had no clue what was to come.  They never release the performers ahead of time so they're always a surprise.  

First, they bussed 1,300 people to the Colorado Convention Center within 30 minutes.  That was impressive.  

I was basically freaking out at this point trying to figure out who the performer was.  There were not enough dirty gin martinis in the world to calm me down haha.  And then I heard rumblings that it could be Brad Paisley and basically I just freaked!  

And then he was introduced...............and we were on the front row.........and wow.  

I guess it isn't a big deal if you don't like country music but I LOVE country music and it's basically all that I listen to.  And I LOVE Brad Paisley.  Sooooo I was REALLY excited.  I mean it was a private concert with 1,299 of our closest friends and BRAD PAISLEYYYYYYYY!

This is how close we were.  No zoom!

Umm yes, this is him coming to grab my phone on his last song.  

And he took it and took selfies with it of both sides of the room.  I was flipping out that BRAD PAISLEY HAD MY PHONE!

There we are over his left shoulder...you can see my eyes, top of my head and hand.  You can see Kevin's hand on his phone just under his left ear.  

AND THEN...he played his guitar WITH my phone!  

Kevin was videoing the whole thing going down.  

Yes, it was incredible.  I was jumping up and down like a crazy person.  I know most don't think this is that great but it was a huge deal to me!

He threw his hat out to the crowd and a guy caught it and let Kevin take a picture in it!  Seriously!?!!  Real life.

Stage take down crew.  It was a full performance of what Brad puts on everywhere.  It included his normal stage, screen behind him, lighting, everything.  

One of the most fun nights ever and I'll never forget it!!!!!!!!!


  1. How exciting is that?! I would have died!! I bet you are still on cloud 9!

  2. Ha! That is literally unreal!

  3. That's so freaking amazing! and SO fun!!!!

  4. What an amazing treat!!! Love that y'all were in the front row. I love your trip recaps!

  5. Wow! I am getting excited just reading your post. That is amazing!!!

  6. Oh wow! That is awesome! I'm so jealous, I love country music too!

  7. AMAZING!!!!!! That is such a cool experience! I'm jealous!!!

  8. HOLY AWESOME! Unforgettable!

  9. Just catching up and I have been waiting for this post!!! So freaking jealous of you, friend!!!

  10. That is so freaking cool! I bet you were over the moon excited! What a fun, special, and truly memorable night!

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/