Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gigi's Barnyard Bash

We had the best time at Gigi's second birthday party!  Sarah always goes crazy on parties and they're all Pinterest worthy!!!   Although she told me she was going low key on this one....yeah right.  

She had a local farm bring a bunch of animals.  It was so fun for all the kids!

Sweet friends!

I mean can you take the cuteness?!!!

The cupcakes were Molly Anne approved!

Sorry Winn. It prob won't be the last time buddy. Ugh.

She gave all of the kids a Barnyard Book which was super sweet.  I need to write Gigi's Second Birthday in it so we always remember.  

It was such a cute party and I cannot believe she is two!!!!!


  1. That looks SO low key :) Such a cute theme. MA is definitely enjoying that cupcake!

  2. What a fun event, and she definitely went all out! This cupcakes are adorable and so is MA eating one!