Monday, June 27, 2016

Amelia Island

Last Thursday morning we drove down to Amelia Island, Florida. Yes, I was in Salt Lake for the day on Tuesday -- got up at 3:45am and left on a 6am flight Tuesday morning. Then took the red eye home that night and didn't sleep a wink. It was a fun all nighter. Not!  When I got home, I played Mom and we went to a swim lesson right away since we would miss Thursday's. I did finally sleep for one hour on Wednesday afternoon. I had to pack for leaving the next morning.  And umm have you gone to stay at a hotel with a one year old recently?  It's insane the amount of stuff you have to take. A post is coming on what I found useful and what wasn't necessary.  

So I made it to Thursday morning and I think I had our act mostly together. First up, taking mills to camp early that morning so we could beat rush hour.  While I did this, Kevin got Molly Anne up and ready and packed the car.  We got out of the house at 8:15am. I was shocked. 

Sarah let me borrow her travel DVD player and a Mickey Mouse clubhouse DVD. Essential!!!  My child was so thrilled!  This was the first road trip we've done since she was 8 weeks old so I had no clue how much we needed this.  

We got to the hotel after surprising Kevin's mom that we were there as well to help celebrate her 70th birthday!

First stop, the pool. And Molly Anne had flatbread cheese pizza for dinner at the pool. Basically she was thrilled with life, especially after a six hour drive. 

We got a babysitter to come sit in our room while Molly Anne slept (ps, she was wonderful - the nanny service was recommended by the concierge!!!) and the adults went to dinner at Joes Second Street Bistro. The concierge recommended the restaurant as well and it was outstanding.  I had snapper and Kevin had grouper. 

Breakfast the next morning - one of the Ritz Kidz gals came around and gave Molly Anne this princess!  They really cater to the kids there!

Beach!  Molly Anne loved it. She jumped waves and had the best time. She didn't try to eat the sand as much this time as she did the first trip to the beach. 

I asked the umbrella guy if he wouldn't mind putting it a little bit in front of our chairs so she could play under it.  It worked out perfectly. 

I had taken a sheet for her to lay on to nap - yeah right. Way too much going on for her to lay on a sheet on the beach and go to sleep.  So.. I loaded her into her stroller and we walked down the beach. And walked some more. She ended up sleeping for almost an hour.  PS I loveeee our City Mini stroller.  It is the best. 

Beach naps are almost as good as boat naps!

We went to the pool for about an hour then headed to the room to get ready for dinner. On our way she got to say hey to the parrot named Amelia that they have at the pool!

Trying to entertain a child in a hotel room....while you blow dry your hair standing in front of her so she doesn't fall off the bed.  

Dinner at Brett's Waterway Cafe and a walk out onto the docks. I love this doll baby.  

There were two English cream golden retrievers out on the dock. Soooo cute. Molly Anne loved them.  

The next morning, she was done done and done. 

We made the 6 hour plus stops trek back.  Three days, two nights and one beach day and we were back in Charlotte. Quick trip. I'd recommend staying for longer if you have a little one.  I think it was a lot for Molly Anne judging by the last couple hours of our ride. 

Tired Bubba. 

We got back and we went to the pool to let her get some energy out. She had been cooped up for 8 hours at that point and I wanted her to have some fun. And she slept well that night!

Sunday we went to the pool after her morning nap. 

And Kevin made us BLTs for lunch. 

Then we went to Gigi's second birthday party!  I'll share that tomorrow!  

And I'm also going to try to do a post about traveling to a hotel and what I found helpful and also a post about baby beach essentials. We'll see how this week goes ha!


  1. Where are you getting those CUTE PJS for her! Love the sails!

  2. Looks like a great trip! Yum, a BLT sounds delicious right now :)

  3. I have never been to Amelia Island, but dying to go. So fun that you all got to surprise Kevin's mom!

  4. What a fun trip!! Amelia Island is so cool - excited to go back with Annalee. Can't wait to see our packing list and beach fun!

  5. That looks like so much fun! It seems like MA did great too!

  6. What a fun getaway, and I'm sure Kevin's mom was thrilled by the surprise! It looks like y'all did a great job of managing with a baby in tow! Go Mama!