Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All New Make Up

Well my friends, I finally got new makeup after my extensive years of being a Clinique gal.  

I have needed some new stuff for a longgggggg time and I finally bit the bullet!  Belda at Nordstrom hooked me up and I'm so glad!  She basically taught me how to do my makeup because I had no clue!  I've since gone back to her after I tried the new stuff at home and she's helped me learn how to do brows better than I was and confirm I was doing eyeliner right (I swapped the below BB one for a Mac one too per Belda)!

Everything was 10% off from Bobbi Brown and Mac was 15% off so that helped.  Yes, I spent wayyyyy too much but this stuff really does look at a lot better!

I still want to get more Bobbi Brown brushes because my Elf ones just aren't nearly as amazing but it's hard to spend $50 on a darn brush!  I did splurge and get the bronzer one because that was the most critical.  I really makes a difference.  The powder brush is on my wish list!

I feel refreshed and maybe look a bit better?

Thanks BELDA!!!


  1. Quality makeup is pricey but so worth it. Let me know how you like BB, I'm a Mac and Mally girl but I may switch it up next time

  2. New make up is good for the soul! I definitely need a refresher, but I am not even sure where to begin. Maybe I will take a trip to Nordstroms!

  3. I really should do this at some point. I'm so not a makeup girl ha!

  4. Ugh. I need Belda in my life. Every morning :)