Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Weekend + Menu Monday

We had a good weekend and hope you did too. 

Friday started by me taking Molly Anne to my office to meet my work fam.  It was really cool for her to meet all of them.  They've seen me through dating many guys when I was 24 years old til now with my lil girl!  

Saturday morning I got back to my usual ritual of Flywheel.  Man, it felt good to be back!

Saturday friends came over to meet Molly Anne. Ken and Stephanie. 

Then the three of us plus Mills hung out back and chatted with all of our neighbors.  We have the best back door neighbors.  There are five of us that back up to each other.  They are all outside all of the time so we have a good time together.  

Saturday night was a Purple Heart ceremony in Charlotte and Kevins Dad and our friend Mike were both honored.  We didn't go but Sarah sent me this picture of three generations of heroes!  

Sunday morning cuggles - crabs amongst the fish!

Mills got a bath yesterday.  

We went to Midwood for a late Sunday afternoon "dunch."  We've done this the past two Sunday's and it's a fun way to end the weekend. 

Menu Monday:
1.  Stuffed peppers. And corn. 
2.  Lobster tail with salad - this will be the first time I've cooked lobster. I had high intentions of making crab cakes but I couldn't bring myself to spend $16 on a half pound of not even good crabmeat!  We shall see how the lobster tail turns out...
3.  Brats. And baked beans. 
4.  Beef Enchiladas with salad

That's about it. Who is ready for the Lilly sale?!


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I was going to check out the Lilly sale, but it looks like the wait is currently 30 minutes!

  2. I just took a look at the Lilly sale, but didn't get anything. Lilly just doesn't fit my body really well usually. Sounds like a lovely weekend!