Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekend - Hanging Out

Friday we went to the nature museum with our friends!  Molly Anne got a lot out of it hahaha, not!  Hey, it's better than sitting at home all day every day.  We have fun with our friends!

We did errands in Southpark alllll afternoon and had our first mother daughter lunch date at the mall. Mom and I always have like lunching in the middle of our shopping days so this was cool to do with Molly Anne. 

Friday night we hung at home and watched the panthers pre season game. 

With a lil Punk'n beer from Salt Lake City!

Saturday Molly Anne and I went to dean and Deluca to meet up with Jenn and Wendy. Brooklyn came too. They hadn't met Molly Anne yet.  Well Jenn had in the hospital but the other girls hadn't. 

That morning I went to the Harris YMCA consignment sale and was able to find a few cute items!

Saturday night we went to Midwood with Kevin's parents!

And then went to Sarah and Mike's house spur of the moment.  It was fun to hang!!   Thank y'all for not thinking we are too rude ha!!

Sunday we had a lil family day which was necessary. I did a little clean up yard work from Kevin's real yard work on Saturday.  We went to the Apple Store and had lunch at mellow mushroom.  Low key and perfect way to end our weekend!  This week is going to be a busy one and will end very well!


  1. Now, I've gotta ask... is Molly Anne's hair coming in reddish like yours? Or is this just a trick of the photos? Either way, she looks so fuzzy and sweet :)

  2. She really is your mini! I really want to find some holiday attire for the baby but just cannot get over how pricey baby clothes can be! And for maybe one or two wears???? Driving me crazy!

  3. Another Dean and Deluca date! I'm jealous! I've been wanting that same cobb salad since we went last week.