Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lunch Bunch, My Favs and Car Seats

Yesterday we went to story time at the library then out to lunch at Pacos Tacos!

My girls with my girl!

Love these sweet friends!

When we got home our back door neighbors came over to meet Molly Anne.  The little girls were precious with her!  These are the neighbors that left bags of toys on the back fence for us.  Too nice!!!

My two loves.  Kevin also earned himself the duty of putting the queen to bed each night but he doesn't know this yet. (Truth be told, I couldn't let him do this every night, I'd miss it way too much!)  We pushed bedtime up by 15 min a few nights ago since she turned 8 weeks old and last night she slept til 3:15 after he had put her down at 8:15.  

Last night I visited the police officer who helped me install her car seat in my car.  He's certified by the state of NC to install car seats.  If you haven't already had someone certified look at your car seat, please do.  90% of car seats are not installed properly.  We did this pre-Molly Anne but I wanted him to look at it again now that she was IN it. 

Kevin's car has been fine but my seats are really slanted so it was causing Molly Anne's head to fall forward when she was asleep.  It was still within the regulation but it could not have been comfortable to her. Anyway, now a pool noodle is under it that he approved.  Here are the answers to a few other questions I asked him:

- does the bar (carrier handle) have to be straight up?  He said it depends on the car seat manufacturer and it will tell you in the owners manual. Sometimes they act as roll bars. 
- law that they must be rear facing until one year. Suggested that they rear face to at least two years old or even longer. He said the association would have you and I face rear if they could ha!
- all three positions in the back seat are equally as safe for the car seat to be in. 
- chest bar should be at their armpit level so they can't fly out the top. It actually says this on that clip. 
- I wasn't sure if her straps were tight enough and sure enough they weren't. He said you shouldn't be able to pinch any fabric if you move your fingers vertically on the strap between the clasps. 

Ok I'm done. Car seats are SOOO important and not something I'm ever willing to compromise on.  I'd rather us go without on something else so she has the very safest car seat. Thought these tips from the police officer may help someone else. Again these are NC laws but I expect them to be similar in your state. 


  1. Car seats are so important, and getting them installed correctly is terrifying! We are going to install ours in a few weeks and then go get it checked. Thanks for the list of questions; I will definitely be asking a few of them. It's also a great idea to get the seat checked once the baby is actually here!

    It looks like a great Monday! It's so wonderful that you have such a great group of friends who also have children.

  2. Paco's Tacos is most definitely our favorite Charlotte restaurant. We have to go every time we're in town! Love that table side guac! And great tips on the car seats. You can never be too safe with your most precious cargo!

  3. Thanks for those tips - we have our safety check this weekend so it'll be good to have a few extra things to ask about!

  4. "I'd rather us go without on something else so she has the very safest car seat. ". .??????

  5. It's great that you got it checked with her in it. I think a lot of people have their seats installed correctly, but don't correctly put the kids into the seat-the clip is too low, the staps too loose, there's additional accessories in the seat, etc. When I learned about the rear facing benefits va the risks I knew I couldn't turn my boys around until 4. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy but the kids don't mind and I couldn't unlearn the words "internal decapitation". Scary.

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