Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Clothes for Molly Anne

Mom and I love shopping for Molly Anne! Here are some things we got for her this week for this fall and winter. 

This is my very favorite. Lemon Loves Layette

Isn't this cardigan the sweetest?  

At another shop we got this little sleeper. It's sooo soft. 

I think we are soon going to be finished with the sleep sacks so we will use the footed pjs instead of gowns.  We'll see.  


  1. Isn't buying baby clothes the best? This child of mine won't need clothes for awhile with all the stuff I've bought or people have given me. Love Kissy Kissy, they're clothes are so soft!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. I have that feather baby onesie too!! My sister got it for us, ours may be the "boy" version, but it's the same pattern with just some extra wood buttons, so precious!

  3. Those clothes are so sweet! I love that little cardigan!

  4. Footed pjs are the best! Look for ones with zippers as she will get even more wiggly soon! Love sweet little baby clothes!