Thursday, September 3, 2015

Baby Gift Ideas

We have been incredibly blessed to receive some of the most thoughtful gifts both before and also since Molly Anne has arrived.  I cannot begin to even start with how thankful we are.  Obviously, we are most grateful for all of our friends and family that have come to meet her or reached out from states away.  There is nothing better in this world then seeing dear friends meet your baby (well other than us meeting her!)!  I have just loved every minute of it!  Yes it's been a circus at our house and was at the hospital but I do not regret it one bit.  I've LOVED having my people meet our girl!

Now, in case you're looking for a baby gift to give after she is born or even for before, here are some ideas and links to some websites!  There's no way I could put pictures of everything, these are just some unique things.  We got everything from champagne to pajamas to meals to dresses to dinnerware for her to loveys to a Mamaroo to homemade popcorn to personalized frames and lots in between!

A tutu.  Our neighbor's daughter made this and she isn't in business yet but I'll let you know if she starts one!  I'm sure there are plenty of etsy shops that make these.

A precious bib and bloomers.  I'm scared for Molly Anne to wear these, they're so fragile.  But, I think she is going to wear them for her sip and see in a couple of weeks!  Only the finest for the champagne ladies!

Little Giraffe blanket.  We got two little ones and Mom got us the big one right before she was born.  We use all three of them constantly!  

This pillow from Peppermint Bee on Etsy!  I got this because a dear blog reader friend sent me an Etsy gift card!  SO kind right?!  Thank you Gina!!!

A Bowquet!  Every girl needs some bows!  Shannon creates any kind of bow you want to put in the bowquet and a portion of her profits go straight to cancer research in memory of her Aunt Brenda! She does holiday or disney themed bowquets as well! or  

I had this bow holder made from here.  I couldn't find many bow holders that had more than one ribbon hanging but this one is perfect.  I still need to hang it in her room and not on the door.  

I don't know where these two are from but aren't they cute?!

LL Bean tote.  It's the perfect size for taking toys with her!

This stool is adorable.  She will use this all of the time and is a forever gift!

This most adorable mudpie outfit with a monogram.  I've seen these at Swoozies!  Was this not made for my child or what?!!  Well obviously with the monogram but the pink and green crab!!!

That's it for today.  I hope these gave you some ideas for your next baby shower gift you have to give!


  1. Such sweet gift ideas! I love that bow hanger you chose! And that crab outfit, oh my goodness. Molly Anne has such precious parents and friends!

  2. Ahhh love your ideas!! We have a similar Mud Pie crab outfit, and I never thought to put a mono on it!! So cute!!! And I made Ella's tutu for her was super easy!! I can teach you!

  3. That stool is one of my favorite gifts to give - even up to a few years old - because it's so dang cute and really practical!!!! I love all of the sweet girly gifts too, I mean, that tutu???

  4. I love all the monograms! These are such cute ideas. Your friends and family certainly show so much love for Molly Anne!

  5. You are so welcome! The pillow turned out really cute. I love the seersucker monogram! Also love the little crab outfit!!

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