Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Pics

We had a low key Wednesday.  This lil baby slept 10 hours on Tuesday night.  I was so excited. 8:30-6:30.  Isn't this little Le Top sleeper cute?  The v-neck cracks me up. My friend Kelly gave it to her. 

He's loving all of the attention he's getting here.  He's obsessed with our neighbor so anytime I take him out and Mr. C is outside, I'm in for a sprint to go see him.  

I went upstairs to change her diaper and we came back and mills had sat in our seat on the couch.  

We visited my Dad at his office yesterday.  

And last night she learned all about the piano in my parents living room.  She lovedddd it!  Megan, thank you for the sweetest golden retriever onesie!!!!  

Bath time is always her fav though she doesn't look thrilled ha.  

Today we have a little lunch date with my cousin!  And I need to take a bunch of pictures off my phone.  It keeps telling me I'm out of memory.  The main problem is my Messages. That's where a majority of the storage is being used...from texting people pictures. I just can't stand the thought of erasing those messages but I going to have to do it. 


  1. Uh, wtf with laying the baby on the dog? And you think shopping carts are dangerous for babies??? Please be careful with that little girl, her life and safety is your responsibility.

  2. She looks great in her Mills onesie! :)