Sunday, September 13, 2015

What's Been Going On

Molly Anne has gotten to meet a lot of special people in Maryland!  Starting last Thursday with my cousin Jenni. 

And Mimi who is my parents next door neighbor. We will say she is Molly Anne's great grandmother! ;)

Friday night we picked crabs in Molly Anne's fifth state she's been to in her 10 weeks of being here!

In the last week, she's really started grasping onto things. Here her blanket and Sophie. The blanket isn't over her mouth even though it looks like it in the pic.

Ohhhh I love picking crabs.  

Saturday AM she got to meet my high school senior year English teacher!  It was special for me to watch Molly Anne be held by her!

Saturday afternoon she got to meet another special family to us and we got to meet their lil girl who is already 9 months old. 

Sunday we just hung around the house in Halloween pjs with Lolly!

And our neighbor Mrs. B came to meet her!  

I brushed Mills.  Look how much hair I got out of him. It's densely packed. Seriously it's enough to make a small dog. 

And dad made beer can burgers.  SO good!

That's what has been going on up here!  We have another busy week of Molly Anne getting to meet more friends!


  1. Molly Anne is becoming a pro traveler like her mama!!!

    (WHAT is a beer can burger... I'm dying to know)

  2. It looks like a great visit! That's so neat that she was able to meet your high school English teacher. So cool!

  3. Can I ask where you got those precious pumpkin jammies? Thank you! :)

  4. Sweet Molly is getting in a lot of traveling and loving from all her family and friends! Hope yall have a great week!