Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend - Trip, Parents here, Chill

Oh what a weekend.  My parents flew down early Thursday because Kevin and I had a few adult events starting that night.  It was funny timing because we had just been in Maryland with them.  We are getting spoiled seeing them so often!  It's HARD living so far from your own parents when you have a baby.  I want them to get to know Molly Anne as if they lived in town.  Thank goodness for FaceTime. 

Anyway, Thursday night was my first night spent away from my girl so I was glad things were normal for her being at our house and in her crib.  This way I could stay sane and I didn't have to pack up her whole life for one night.  We all survived!  

Kevin won a mini work trip to a resort in town.  The dinner was only for the guys so Kim and I went to dinner at Dogwood.  The trout...

We talked and talked and talked.  We traveled to China and Japan with she and her hubby.  It was so good to catch up!

We ubered back to the hotel and hung with some of our friends that were in town.  

I got up early the next morning and drove home to see my girl.  I brought her back to meet Kim and pick up Kevin. 

Mom and I did some Christmas shopping that afternoon with Molly Anne. 

Then Gigi and Sarah came to see us!! 

Friday night we were invited to a rehearsal dinner after party but we had decided a couple weeks ago that it would be a lot to do three nights in a row.  Instead, we went to dinner with my parents at Midwood!  

Saturday was low key but somehow busy!  I got to hang with these bubbas for a little bit. 

That night we went to a wedding. I'll do another post on this. It was gorgeous!

Sunday cuddle and football time. 

Nannie and Poppa went back home this morning.  We already miss them.  

Molly Anne and I have a couple chores to do today but this week im going to be selfish.  It's Molly Anne and I time.  All day every day. Only doing things we want to do and hopefully kevin will be around a lot too.  It's my last week of maternity leave.  Ahhhhhhh. 


  1. I am so glad I am back in MD to be close to my parents. Not that we have kids yet, but even if RJ's parents lived close by, there is nothing like having your own mom and dad. It's my mom that I would want to stay with me after a baby is born and the person I would want to watch the baby when if we went away overnight for the first time. It's the nature of mothers and daughters I guess...

    And Christmas shopping!!! I can't even thing about it! The wedding is a week before Christmas. People may be getting an IOU :)

  2. Definitely enjoy every moment of your maternity leave; the chores can wait. It looks like you and Molly Anne really enjoyed the weekend with your parents! Also, I second MCW; I can't believe you're already doing Christmas shopping. You're so on top of it!

  3. I can't get over how much Molly Anne looks like your mom! Do you get told that all the time? I think you just need to convince your parents to move to Charlotte so they can watch Molly Anne while you work!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  4. Your maternity leave has flown by. I mean, really. Enjoy this last week and print out a photo or two of MA to put in a frame on your desk ... that's what I did and it certainly helped with the transition! Hugs, see y'all Wednesday!