Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Weekend in MD

The Our time in Maryland was a blast. It went by soooo quickly. Molly Anne got to meet some of our oldest and dearest friends and family.  I'm so glad. 

And play with her Nannie and Poppa a lot.  They loved the time with her.  And she loved the time with them. 

She learned to laugh and smiled constantly up there. But not in this pic ha. 


My girl ready for game day.  Go NC State!  Thank you David and Jenn for the adorable onesie! 

Friday night I was a bad mama and took her to the airport with me at 9:30 to pick up her daddy.  I do believe there are special times you have to forfeit the sleep schedule and picking up your daddy who hasn't seen you in almost 2 weeks is one of them.  She still took a bath and went to sleep at usual time.  She just got carted around while she literally stayed asleep the whole time. I was impressed.  

This is Saturday afternoon after dad and Kevin built a wheelchair ramp as part of a service project.  Back with his people. 

Saturday night we went out for Mexican. Sunday, we hit the road back south.  I have no clue how everything got back with us but my Dad worked a miracle on packing our trunk....including a stroller. 

See this picture?  Look in the mirror at mills so close to her head just watching her sleep.  Unreal. 
He's obsessed. 

They were both AMAZING on the way back and we only stopped twice which made our trip 9 hours on the dot (usually takes 8 hours).  It took us 10.5 on the way up.  Molly Anne slept the entire time this trip...maybe that's why she didn't sleep last night?  I don't care, it was worth it ha!  

Mills just took care of her. I think 100 pounds of mills wants a bigger car. ;)

It was such a fun trip and I can't thank my parents enough for everything!!  Now I have two weeks left of maternity leave then back to the real world.   


  1. What an awesome trip home! And I totally agree about sometimes having moments that trump the schedule! Welcome back home

  2. So glad you got to spend that time with your parents. I know they LOVED it!

  3. Those photos of Mills and her are just too cute! I also think that you did a great job getting Molly Anne to stay on her sleep schedule, despite the change in location!

  4. What an amazing trip! Your family must've been SO happy to spend so much quality time with you both. Love the way Mills protects her. :)

  5. It melts my heart to see how much Mills loves your little girl!!