Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Well, on Friday the four of us drove to Maryland to see my parents.  Let me tell you how fun that was haha.  Molly Anne, Mills and I packed for 2 weeks and Kevin for the weekend + baby stuff (stroller etc) + 100 pounds of Mills + the three of us all in an Accord for 10.5 hours which is obviously longer than it took pre-Molly Anne.  But we made it and it wasn't THAT bad.  She was good in the car given the fact that no one likes being in a car for that long. Mills was a good pooch watching after her. 

Nannie and Poppa were glad to see their girl.  And Kevin and I were glad to see them AND the cocktails they had made which we were handed when we walked in the door.  

Friday night Molly Anne slept through the night 8:30-5:30...her first night in a new place. I was sooo excited.  

Saturday morning we hung around.  I finally got out of my pajamas at 2pm. 

This is Lolly, a doll I played with when I was little. 

Oh mom never misses a detail. She makes everything special!

Dad dropped Kevin and I off to watch football and hang out.  It was our first time out and about by ourselves (not at a party with others) since Molly Anne!

Then we took uber over for a drink at a dock bar. 

They picked us up and we headed to pick crabs and show Molly Anne what all the hype was about.  We think she loved it! ;)

Sunday morning this hound made himself comfortable.   

And this lil girl got her bathing suit on to head to the beach!

We were on the beach for about 10 minutes and she had her Blue Lizard sunscreen on that her pediatrician said to use.  I was paranoid about her being in the sun ha. But she dipped her toes in the Atlantic for the first time and got sandy.  

She just kinda hung out and took it all in. 

I bet she's a beach girl one day!

Lunch at fishtails was essential. 

Dad had a Bloody Mary with an old bay rim of course. 

Thrashers was also necessary. 

That night we came home and our next door neighbor came and held her!  We all went to dinner together.  

Monday was Labor Day and Kevin flew back home to labor.  We will miss him a ton.  This will be the longest we've ever been apart.  FaceTime!!!!
Ole mills is scared of my parents fish pond.  What a goofball. He kept sprinting past it and wouldn't stop to stare.  This picture is deceiving.  

We have a fun week ahead! 


  1. I am from Maryland and see your pictures makes me miss home so much, crabs and thrashers.. the best! Glad you all had a great weekend, Molly is getting so big! Have a great week love!

  2. Aw that's so sweet that Molly Anne will get so much quality time with her grandparents! I bet they are thrilled.

  3. Ummmm loving MA in her swimsuit! What a cutie!! Good luck this week without Kevin. I'm sure it'll be tough but your mom must be just thrilled!!!

  4. They got Uber at the beach??? I didn't know! Last time I checked it said not available.

    Enjoy this time with your parents!

  5. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Let us know when you get back as we would love to finally meet Molly Anne ( I am sad/sorry it has taken us this long :/ )