Saturday, September 5, 2015

Molly Anne is Two Months

Oh sweet girl, what a joy you are!!!  I never knew this mama thing would be so fun!  You are go with the flow and super laid back!

1.  On July 29th you weighed 10 pounds and 10 ounces so I know you're probably over 12 pounds.  You've been gaining over an ounce a day since you were born.  We don't go back for your two month visit until September 22nd so we will know more then!  

2.  You've been sleeping pretty well. At 8 weeks we moved your bedtime up by 15 minutes so now you get your bottle around 8/8:15 and you go right to sleep in your crib with hardly any whining these days.  Sometimes you'll cry for a minute or two but only if you're overly tired.  You'll sleep til between 2-4 and be starving. I think this is starting to be more like 3 or 4 that you're waking up then you'll go right back to sleep 20 minutes later and sleep til 6 or 7.  Occasionally you'll still get up twice a night but you're about to eat your arm off you're so hungry so I feed you!

3.  You know your name we think and you definitely look over at your daddy when he walks in the room.   

4.  Mills is your very best friend. You love laying on him and he sleeps in your room every night now.  We try to get him out of there but he is like a permanent rock, he will not move.  You don't mind.  He howled really loudly the other night when he was having a bad dream and I looked at the monitor and you did not move. Thank goodness!  

5.  Being outside is your favorite.  If you're fussy, I'll take you out there with Mills and you calm right down. We talk about the sky, trees, birds etc and you stare up like its the best thing you've ever seen!

6.  You're taking 4 ounce bottles and starting to finish each one all the way. You still want to eat every 2.5-3 hours except at night when you go 6-7 stretches. I wonder when we will move up to five ounce bottles?

7.  This month we went on lots of shopping excursions. I really got more confidence to take you out and about. We go everywhere now.  We've been to music class, play dates, luncheons, nature museum, story time, you name it, we've done it!  You take it all in!

8. You still like laying on your ocean playmat and swatting at the things hanging.  You also like laying on a blanket in your room playing with toys and talking to Nannie on FaceTime most afternoons.  

9.  Naps are happening in your crib when we are home.  You like cat naps in your mamaroo or on your daddy's or my chest.  We love that!

10. You love music. You love the music your mobile plays, your bouncer plays and the country music in my car!  

11.  You smiled for the first time a couple of weeks ago unprompted. You have this big open mouth smile and it's the cutest!

We love you little love bug!!!


  1. Two months already! That has flown by!

    I like #11 the best. Those first smiles are the greatest for mommy's heart! Nothing like it...just wait till you get your first laughs!!

  2. She's so sweet, and it's amazing how much she has grown! Also, I love the bond that she has already with Mills. That's so neat!

  3. I love monthly updates! Anna Grace is the same way outside, if she is fussy we take her outside and she quiets right down. Crazy right?

  4. She is so cute and such a good baby! That is so sweet that Mills sleeps in there at night. He's a cutie too!