Thursday, September 17, 2015

This week and Sleep!

I just can't get enough of this sweet girl.   She's perfect not that I'm biased or anything. 

We are having fun in Maryland. 

We have been doing some things but overall I'm just enjoying "vacation!"  

We've gotten to visit with friends and family. 

And she has slept 10 hours three times since we've been here.  And 9 hours many times too.  I'm sooo excited. My strictness on a bedtime routine is paying off and you can tell. She is happy.  On Monday night I didn't put the swaddle on her and that was the second time she slept 10 hours. Now we are into footed PJs and not gowns anymore since she isn't in the swaddle.  No complaints here!  

She's still had some 3:30/4am wake ups but child was hungry so I fed her. Then she would go right back down and sleep til 7:15 or so.  Routine. All about the routine.  And I'm glad I have this lil blog so I can look back at this when we have round two!

How can you resist this face?  Is it odd that I miss her getting up in the middle of the night some nights?  I miss her!  But I loveeee the sleep.  

Can't forget this hound.  Kevin must be super bored at home with all of his people gone.  Or maybe he's getting some things done.  Ha!

Well the queen just woke up and is laying in bed babbling to herself.  I'm going to go get her.  I'll chat with you all soon!


  1. That's awesome she's sleeping so well! Are you using Moms on Call? She is really absolutely precious, you're not just biased!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  2. She is so cute, love that last picture! Your parents will have withdrawal when you all leave. ;)

  3. That little rosette onsey wasn't that fitting when you first put it one her. The 2nd pic if my favorite.