Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Moments Like This + Meals This Week

Moments like this I never want to forget!  She and I have so much fun during the days but they're going by so quickly!  People weren't kidding when they said these are the fastest days of your life.  I'm soaking it up. 

Meals this week:
- Shrimp on a salad - easiest meal ever. I get the shrimp pre-cooked so all we have to do it pour lettuce from a bag and top with whatever sounds good. 
- Tacos - the ole trusty.  I usually have one taco and the rest taco salad. 
- From the freezer - Whole wheat tortellini with Italian sausage sauce and a side salad.  Not the healthiest but quick.  Working on portion control! ;)
- Fresh fish with baked potato and veggies/side salad.  I'm getting fish from Carolina Fish Market the day we have this and will grill it. 
- Pizza Friday night - will use leftover Italian sausage and veggies from the week on a thin crust. 

Pic of the first meal...


  1. Those pictures are so raw + precious! Love it!

  2. She's so precious! It's so weird to hear how fast time flies once the baby comes because I don't know how you felt, but for me pregnancy can't go by fast enough!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. My oh my those are darling pictures!!! I haven't been loving shrimp or salmon since getting pregnant but your salad looks amazing!

  4. Oh those first two pictures! All the heart eyes!

  5. I love when little babies sleep on your chest. So adorable.