Monday, August 3, 2015

Random Tuesday

Today is Molly Anne's month birthday. Holy moley, time please slow down.  I've always heard moms say for time to slow down but now I get it.  Fastest month of my life.  Ever my day flies by, it's insane. I will do some month post this week. 

1.  Please tell me you all use the Blog 2 Print website and keep PDFs of your blog on your computer and also backed up somewhere else?!  My Dad has been very good about doing these for me (he started one year for Christmas).  He PDFs each 6 month period at a time and the cost is minimal (I think under $20). It's priceless to have a back up of your entire diary should something ever happen to Blogger etc. 

2.  I won the mother of the year award this weekend. Ughhhh. I was trying to clip Molly Anne's fingernails and I clipped her actual finger badly. After a call to my mom, she cooled my bones about her needing a major surgery to fix the tiny spot. Ahhh!  Kevin cut a bandaid into a tiny strip to put over it and that made the bleeding stop after I held pressure for 45 minutes.  

3.  Nordstrom's sale is over so we can quit hearing about it ha!!  I can't lie, I went there twice and browsed online many times. I only ended up with a few small things. I took most of the clothes back as I didn't love them like I love JCrew. 

4.  I miss traveling right now but I also can't imagine leaving my favorite girl. The three of us (plus Mills!) have a big trip coming up in September to go see my parents so that'll be fun. I wonder if US Air has forgotten who I am?!!  

5.  Some advice for my pregnant girls - stock up on stationery.  I have already gone through two orders of it. People have been SO kind, we are just so overwhelmed by our friend's generosity.  We were getting multiple gifts a day those first couple of weeks. Talk about an intimidating number of thank you notes to write when you have a newborn!!!  I've written 45 notes since she got here. Actually it may be over 50 now because I did 6 more yesterday.  If there one thing I can't stand...thank you notes hanging over my head.  I usually write them the same day we receive a gift. Obviously this wasn't doable but I did get them all out within two weeks.   Whew!

6.  Football season is SOON!  Woohooooo!


  1. Agreed about the Nordstrom sale. I was getting pretty tired of updates from my favorite blogs every day with new things to buy. I didn't get anything because there wasn't anything I needed or anything that I was looking to buy on sale or not.

    And I'm sure Molly Anne's finger will be 100000% better in no time! Give yourself a little Grace!

  2. I did the EXACT same thing with Charlie's finger the first time I went to cut the nails with clippers. I cried for HOURS. Thank goodness Joe was there to put the bandaid on. I didn't cut her nails for over a month after that! They don't remember, but we will never forget.

  3. Soooooo ready for football season I can taste it! And, I seriously need to load up on stationery.....I'm already low and my showers haven't even started!

  4. This will sound odd but it was the advice we got when our family had lots of little ones. Skip the clippers and just bite their little nails off. We tried it and it works wonders for keeping their nails short and our stress at bay.

  5. #6 I can't wait! Bring on football season and pumpkin spice everything!

  6. Good for you on getting all those thank you notes out! How awesome that you have such kind friends and family too. :) I agree about the Nordstrom sale. I looked at everything, but in the end, I didn't see anything that I really needed or was in love with.