Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend - Justin and Kathryn Visit

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Ours started with dinner then my first run post Molly Anne and it was so nice.  Mills saw his GF Lexi. ;)

Saturday morning we lounged while Kevin worked.  I also took my child to the liquor store for her first time.  We will educate her properly of course...she learned about Jack Daniels among others ha!  Not my finest mama moment but gotta do what you gotta do.  

Our friends Justin and Kathryn came over Saturday night to hang out and meet Molly Anne!

We got the ole Red Ryder out and shot some beer cans off the lowes bucket. At least it's still light out so you know we weren't doing this at midnight like in years past! 

She hung with us until her bedtime routine began.  Mills chased tennis ball after tennis ball, drank a miller lite and loved all the attention!

Sunday we all slept in and then made breakfast - my brother had brought me a thing of scrapple so we made that and sausage for Kevin. He won't eat scrapple.  It's kind of a Maryland/northern thing.  

We played a bit. I went to the grocery store for groceries for the week. 

And Whimsy came over!  She was in town this weekend. 

Speaking of visitors, Molly Anne met Megan on Friday at Annis trunk show!

Ready for bed last night. Look like my mom/her Nannie?  Most think so!  

Happy Monday!


  1. I love scrapple!!! People find it very odd and gross, but I think it's delicious.

  2. Ahhh I'm sad I missed Molly Anne at Anni's!!! We didn't end up going till late Friday, so I had a feeling I wouldn't see you!!! I need to meet her soon though!

  3. See I have never heard of scrapple until Brad's mom made it so I've always thought it was Southern. I tried a teeny tiny bite but I think I'm with Kevin on this one haha ;)