Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend - Game and Birthdays

Friday night - Cantina. And worth every calorie. 

Saturday AM we had a lazy morning then did yard work while this queenie napped. 

We had a few couples come over that afternoon and evening who wanted to meet Molly Anne. First up, my best guy friend from college with his wife and daughter.  

I couldn't believe we were standing there holding our daughters.  We have come a long way since suffering through civil engineering classes together haha.  

Mills' brother's parents came over and brought Wylie for them to play on their third birthday! 

Cheers, brother!

Mills had a good birthday. He received a card in the mail addressed to Master Miller West Ben from his Nannie and Poppa, a bunny stuffed animal and a new collar. 

Mike, Sarah and Gigi came over and Mike stayed for the game with us while miss Gigi went home for her bedtime.  Mills loves loves loves this family. Can you tell?!

Ken one of Kevin's high school buddies came over for the panthers game too. He loved holding our girl. 

My boys!

Here for the party, but dead asleep. 

Sunday = this. 

And we celebrated Kevin's dads birthday at the fish camp.  Kevin's brother met Molly Anne for the first time.  

And Molly Anne got to cuddle with the birthday boy and her Nana. 

Happy Birthday!


  1. Holy Cantina-- that supper looked beyond amazing. Color me jealous! I have to tell you, it is always so nice to see how surrounded by friends and family you, Kevin, Molly Anne and Mills are-- your lives seem wonderfully full of great people :) Have a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday Mills! That picture of Molly Anne sleeping with her hands up is the funniest!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. I love Mills's birthday hat! Also, so neat to see you with your friends and holding your children. Isn't it great how even as life changes your friends grow with you? I think that is always so sweet!

  4. Ha, I loved that pic of Molly Anne sleeping with her hands up. And Friday night looked prettttyyyy delicious! I miss margaritas!

  5. This looks like a lovely gathering. And happy birthday to your furry baby!


  6. I've been craving Mexican since your Instagram picture this weekend. I want a margarita so badly.... Also, chips, salsa, queso... Is it January yet?