Thursday, August 27, 2015

Five on Friday

The 1.  The only way I've been able to keep blogging is doing it from the Blogger app on my phone in the middle of the night.  It takes me five minutes.  I don't do any fancy picture collages (not that I ever have) and I just keep it simple.  I just want to remember these days. 
(Dinner time at our house, this is where the queen hangs!)

2.  Yesterday I downloaded some new music from iTunes.  I was tired of the same tunes.  Kevin picks on me because I will literally listen to the same five songs on repeat for months.  The ones I've had on my playlist now have been there since at least June, probably May.  Do you all listen to your iTunes in your car?  I love it. 

3.  We are thinking about selling our juicer and buying a Vitamix.  Any thoughts?  I can make baby food in the Vitamix right?  Do you all love your Vitamix for smoothies etc?

4.  I passed my follow up glucose test by one yesterday. But basically I still have some life changes to make - more exercise and less sugar.  

5.  Two very nice people in this world:

I spent a good part of the day at Home Depot yesterday because one of our new bathroom vanity lights fell. It only tilted down but when it hit the mirror, the globes broke.  Of course they don't make the lights anymore so now we have to replace all of the lights. The store manager could not have been more helpful.  I'm leaving a lot of the story out for sake of time but he really went out of his way for me. 

And two - I've been grocery shopping on the weekend so I don't have to take Molly Anne and it would be easier and faster. Well I didn't get there this past Sunday so I had to take her with me yesterday because I hadn't been in 1.5 weeks. The kindest lady (another customer) demanded to push my cart out to my car, helped me load them into the car then returned my cart for me. All because I was carrying the car seat after they put all the bags in the cart.  It was just the kindest gesture.   

Cheers, it's Friday!


  1. I am a huge huge fan of the Harris Teeter online shopping. I pay by the Year, and for the most part the home shoppers do an amazing job picking my produce! It saves me time and money (I'm terrible at impulse shopping in the store). I feel like this way I don't drag the kids to the store every week, and I have the ability to really see what I have as I complie my online order!

  2. We bought a vitamix off of Zulily this year at a great price! Look on vitamix' website for refurbished ones as several friends have done that. I love ours. It's amazing.

  3. How sweet of the other lady while you were shopping! Congratulations on passing your test; you've been so disciplined and I really admire you. I need to watch my sugar too; I guess these tests are a bit of a wake up call for someone like me who just loves sweets. You are so good about blogging and I know you will always treasure recording these memories!

  4. I love feel good stories! There are kind people in the world. Shopping with littles will get easier. I promise. I have 3 :).

    We want a Vitamix! (yes you can make baby food in it!)

  5. Molly Anne is so precious! We made all our baby food with an immersion blender. I loved using it as opposed to a blender, food processor etc. because they have so many parts to wash. The immersion blender worked so well!

  6. I can't even figure out how to blog on my phone! Every time I try I screw up. Not that I have blogged in forever. I can imagine struggling with a baby seat and a cart is not easy at all!